How It Works

Sublimation is defined as a transition phase of a substance from a solid, directly to a gas without going through the liquid phase (possible with unique dyes, temperatures and pressures). The "solid" part of the material is the microscopic particles of a solid ink dye which rests on the surface of the printed, ready-to-transfer sublimation paper. When introduced to heat, these solid ink particles turn directly to a gas, which then permanently dye the surface of your product.

So the term sublimation, not only describes a high quality decorating process, but also describes a scientific technology! Dye sublimation printing allows you to print photo-lab-quality pictures on a large number of memorabilia. So for all you digital camera owners out there, this is the technology for you! With sublimation, colors are not laid down as individual dots (as with your standard t-shirt shop and their cheap inkjet printers).

The dyes vaporize and permeate the glossy surface of the sublimation paper before they return to solid form.

Not only will a sublimated image never wash away, but sublimation is the only imprinting technology that does not impede wicking in performance apparel!

If a vibrant and more graphic look for your merchandise is desired, then a 100% poly material would be used.

If a retro look is more your style, a lower percentage of poly would be used, as the cotton blend of the fabric would slightly fade, after numerous washes.

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